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The Premier International Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces

About the IEEE VR Conference

Since 1993, the IEEE Virtual Reality conference has been the premier international venue for the presentation of research results in the broad area of virtual reality (VR). Similarly, the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI), which started as a workshop at IEEE VR in 2004, has become the premier venue for 3D user interfaces and 3D interaction in VR environments. As of 2018, VR and 3DUI have been merged into a single IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, with the short name IEEE VR.

Steering Committee

steering [at] ieeevr.org

Mark Billinghurst
University of South Australia, Australia

Jian Chen
Ohio State University, USA

Sabine Coquillart
Inria Rhone-Alpes, France

Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Gudrun Klinker
Technical University of Munich, Germany

Anatole Lécuyer
Inria Rennes, France

Betty Mohler

Amela Sadagic
Naval Postgraduate School, USA

J. Edward Swan II
Mississippi State University, USA

Mary Whitton
University of North Carolina, USA