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Mentorship Program

IEEE VR 2024: The 31st IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces
March 16-21, 2024 | Orlando, Florida USA


The goal of the IEEE VR 2024 Mentorship Program is to connect newcomers to the conference (mentees) and experienced attendees (mentors) via shared interests. This program is a great networking opportunity for both mentees and mentors to learn both about each other and the VR field in general!

How do I participate?

Interested individuals can apply to the Mentorship Program after registering for the 2024 IEEE VR conference. Mentors and mentees will be matched by the program organizers based on different levels of IEEE VR experience and research interests and will be put in contact before the conference begins.

Interested participants should complete this form by February 28, 2024. This deadline is to give time for the committee to match mentors and mentees before the conference begins. First-time attendees will receive priority consideration for a mentor, and the mentorship program will be open to the most compelling 40 applicants, based on need and order of application.

What is involved in this program?

Mentors and mentees are expected to participate in several activities together throughout the conference. Some suggested activities include:

  • Attending a paper session together and discussing afterwards
  • Meeting during coffee breaks/meals to discuss research and/or general career guidance

We ask that the mentors also introduce their mentee(s) to at least one (1) colleague who is attending the conference. Preferably, this colleague will be someone at an institution that is different from the mentee’s to encourage further networking.

Participants will also be asked to complete a closing survey providing feedback on the program after the conference.


This program is an initiative of the 2023 IEEE VR Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility Committee. The committee can be reached via email at

Data Privacy Information

The information provided by the participants will be accessible only to the members of the Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility committee. The participants can request for their information to be corrected or deleted at any time until 31st of May 2024. After this date, their data will be anonymized and provided to the Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility committee of future iterations of IEEE VR for statistical purposes.

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