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Visa Information

IEEE VR 2023: the 30th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces
March 25-29, 2023, Shanghai, China

Conference participants may need a Chinese visa to enter China.

Contact: register2023[at]

Invitation Letter

You can register for the conference to receive a VISA letter. There is a check box in the registration process that will then ask for more information needed for the VISA letter. Please fill this out promptly and our registration administration will as quickly as possible send you a VISA letter.

The information below will be asked for a VISA invitation letter:

  • Name as it appears on your passport
  • Job Title
  • Institution
  • Phone
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Passport No
  • Date of Birth

For Chinese VISA

You can choose to apply for a visa yourself at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, or contact your local embassy, consulate or visa agency.

Necessary materials to apply for Chinese Visa:

  • A passport which is valid for at least six months following the date of submission, with an entire blank page available for the visa;
  • One Visa Application Form of the Peoples Republic of China, which is filled clearly with true, authentic and complete information and signed by the applicant;
  • One recent, 2 inch full-faced and bareheaded passport photo (the daily life photo, photo copy or digital photo printed on the ordinary paper shall not be accepted);
  • Other related application materials according to different purposes for your trip to China;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Travel to China

Latest information for traveling to Shanghai. In China, the COVID-19 controlling policy has been almost completely relaxed since Dec. 7, 2022. From Jan. 8, 2023, international traveling to China is much more convenient, only needing a nucleic acid test within 48 hours before flight departures and no other controls. Travelers are advised to take primary responsibility for their health, and use precautionary measures for self-protection. Here is a reference official link to the latest traveling policy to China . For more details, please consult Chinese consulate in your local region. The situation in China is stable and normal as usual and is good for traveling and in-person conferences.

If you have further questions regarding registration and visa, please contact register2023[at]

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