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March 22nd - 26th

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March 22nd - 26th

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IEEE VR 2020 Conference Awards

TVCG - Best Journal papers:

  • Avatar and Sense of Embodiment: Studying the Relative Preference Between Appearance, Control and Point of View

    Rebecca Fribourg, Ferran Argelaguet, Anatole Lécuyer, Ludovic Hoyet

  • ThinVR: Heterogeneous microlens arrays for compact, 180 degree FOV VR near-eye displays

    Joshua Ratcliff, Alexey Supikov, Santiago Alfaro, Ronald Azuma

Best Conference Papers:

  • A Physics-based Virtual Reality Simulation Framework for Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation

    Xiao Xiao, Shang Zhao, Yan Meng, Lamia Soghier, Xiaoke Zhang, James Hahn

  • Hakim Si-Mohammed, Catarina Lopes-Dias, Maria Duarte, Ferran Argelaguet, Camille Jeunet, Géry Casiez, Gernot Müller-Putz, Anatole Lécuyer, Reinhold Scherer

  • Accelerated Stereo Rendering with Hybrid Reprojection-Based Rasterization and Adaptive Ray-Tracing

    Niko Wißmann, Martin Mišiak, Arnulph Fuhrmann, Marc Erich Latoschik

Best Conference Paper - Honorable Mentions:

  • CasualStereo: Casual Capture of Stereo Panoramas with Spherical Structure-from-Motion

    Lewis Baker, Steven Mills, Stefanie Zollmann, Jonathan Ventura

  • Measuring System Visual Latency through Cognitive Latency on Video See-Through AR Devices

    Robert Gruen, Eyal Ofek, Anthony Steed1, Ran Gal, Mike Sinclair, Mar Gonzalez-Franco

  • Optimal Planning for Redirected Walking Based on Reinforcement Learning in Multi-user Environment with Irregularly Shaped Physical Space

    Dong-Yong Lee, Yong-Hun Cho, Dae-Hong Min, In-Kwon Lee

Best Posters:

  • A Usability Assessment of Augmented Situated Visualization

    Renan L Martins Guarese, João Becker, Henrique Fensterseifer, Marcelo Walter, Carla M.D.S. Freitas, Luciana Nedel, Anderson Maciel

  • Tracking Multiple Collocated HTC Vive Setups in a Common Coordinate System

    Tim Weissker, Philipp Tornow, Bernd Froehlich

Best Poster - Honorable Mentions:

  • Musical Brush: Exploring Creativity in an AR-based Tool Combining Music and Drawing Generation

    Authros: Rafael Valer, Rodrigo Schramm, Luciana Nedel

  • Automated Assessment System with Cross Reality for Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation Training

    Shang Zhao, Wei Li, Xiaoke Zhang, Xiao Xiao, Yan Meng, John Philbeck, Naji Younes, Rehab Alahmadi, Lamia Soghier, James Hahn

  • Impact of AR Display Context Switching and Focal Distance Switching on Human Performance: Replication on an AR Haploscope

    Mohammed Safayet Arefin, Nate Phillips, Alexander Plopski, Joseph L Gabbard, J. Edward Swan II

Best Doctoral Consortium Presentation:

  • A Neuro-VR toolbox for assessment and intervention in Autism: Brain responses to non-verbal, gaze and proxemics behaviour in Virtual Humans

    Cliona Kelly

Best Research Demonstrations:

  • Simulating Next-Generation User Interfaces for Law Enforcement Traffic Stops

    Jeronimo Grandi, Zekun Cao, Mark Ogren, Regis Kopper

  • XREye: Simulating Visual Impairments in Eye-Tracked XR

    Katharina Krösl, Carmine Elvezio, Matthias Hürbe, Sonja Karst, Steven Feiner, Michael Wimmer

3DUI Contest Winner:

  • 3DUI and the Phantom Limb: Multisensory Experience for Embodiment of Amputation

    Aimee Calepso, Renan Guarese, Rafael Valer, Yhonatan Iquiapaza, Victor de Jesus Oliveira, Luciana Nedel, Anderson Maciel

3DUI Contest Honorable Mention:

  • 3Dexterity: Finding your Place in a 3-Armed World

    Alexandre Audinot, Diane Dewez, Gwendal Fouche´, Rebecca Fribourg, Thomas Howard, Flavien Lecuyer´, Tiffany Luong, Victor Mercado, Adrien Reuzeau, Thomas Rinnert, Guillaume Vailland, Ferran Argelaguet

Best VR-in-VR Presentation

  • Getting There Together: Group Navigation in Distributed Virtual Environments

    Tim Weissker, Pauline Bimberg, Bernd Froehlich