Call for Exhibitors and Supporters

IEEE VR provides a unique opportunity for your organization to reach the world's foremost VR researchers and application builders. We invite companies, government organizations, and academic institutions to showcase VR-related products - hardware, software, integrated systems, peripherals, innovations, literature, or anything else of interest to our conference participants.

Regular refreshments will be offered in the exhibit hall, ensuring a good audience for exhibitors. Additional sponsorship and marketing opportunities are available - please check the VR 2015 Exhibitors and Supporter Prospectus for information on pricing, schedule, and terms.



  • Deadline for application and full payment: 1 February 2015
  • Space assignment mailed to exhibitors: 7 February 2015
  • No refunds for cancellations: 14 February 2015 


For more information, please contact the exhibits chairs at

  • Satoshi Azuma, Solidray, Japan
  • Roland Blach, Fhg-IAO, Germany                        
  • Lionel Dominjon, Clarte, France
  • Philippe Gravez, CEA, France
  • Christoph Runde, VDC, Germany  
  • Amela Sadagic, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
  • Eddie Shaw, Carr, Irland


or the supporters chairs at

  • Bruno Arnaldi, IRISA-INSA, France
  • Roland Blach, Fhg-IAO, Germany
  • Robert Teather, McMaster University, Canada


VR 2015 Exhibitor and Supporter Prospectus

Exhibitors and Supporters Prospectus



Current Exhibitors and Supporters