The following posters have been accepted for publication at IEEE VR 2014:

An Enhanced Steering Algorithm for Redirected Walking in Virtual Environments

Authors: Mahdi Azmandian, Rhys Yahata, Mark Bolas, Evan Suma

Time Perception during Walking in Virtual Environments

Authors: Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke

Global Illumination for Augmented Reality on Mobile Phones

Authors: Michael Csongei, Liem Hoang, Christian Sandor, Yong Beom Lee

Development of a Kinect-based Anthropometric Measurement Application

Authors: Alvaro Espitia-Contreras, Pedro Sanchez-Caiman, Alvaro Uribe-Quevedo

Poster: Design and Evaluation of Binaural Auditory Rendering for CAVEs

Authors: Francesco Grani, Ferran Argelaguet, Valérie Gouranton, Marwan Badawi, Ronan Gaugne, Stefania Serafin, Anatole Lécuyer

Poster: Audio-Visual Attractors for Capturing Attention to the Screens When Walking in CAVE Systems

Authors: Francesco Grani, Ferran Argelaguet, Valérie Gouranton, Marwan Badawi, Ronan Gaugne, Stefania Serafin, Anatole Lécuyer

A unique way to increase presence of mobility impaired users - increasing confidence in balance

Authors: Rongkai Guo, Gayani Samaraweera, and John Quarles

Integration of Road Network Logics into Virtual Environments

Authors: Tobias Haubrich, Sven Seele, Rainer Herpers, and Peter Becker

The Effect of an Occluder on Near Field Depth Matching in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality

Authors: Chunya Hua, J. Edward Swan

Neutrino-KAVE: An Immersive Visualization and Fitting Tool for Neutrino Physics Education

Authors: Elizabeth Izatt, Kate Scholberg, Regis Kopper

Automated Calibration of Display Characteristics (ACDC) for Head-Mounted Displays and Arbitrary Surfaces

Authors: J. Adam Jones, Lauren Cairco Dukes, Mark Bolas

The Effect of Eye Position on the View of Virtual Geometry

Authors: J. Adam Jones, David M. Krum, Mark Bolas

The Design of a Retinal Resolution Fully Immersive VR Display

Authors: Anne Kenyon, John van Rosendale, Samuel Fulcomer, David H. Laidlaw

Tablet-Based Interaction Panels for Immersive Environments

Authors: David Krum, Thai Phan, Lauren Dukes, Peter Wang, Mark Bolas

Real-time Path Planning in Emergency Using Non-uniform Safety Fields

Authors: Bangrui Liu, Aimin Hao

A Proof-Of-Concept Study on the Impact of Artificial Hypergravity on Force-Adapted Target Sizing for Direct Augmented Reality Pointing

Authors: Daniela Markov-Vetter, Vanja Zander, Joachim Latsch, and Oliver Staadt

Decoupled Mapping and Localization for Augmented Reality on a Mobile Phone

Authors: Pierre Martin, Eric Marchand, Pascal Houlier, Isabelle Marchal

Baseline SPAAM Calibration Accuracy and Precision in the Absence of Human Postural Sway Error

Authors: Kenneth Moser, Magnus Axholt, John Swan

The Preferred Method for Reducing Unintended Positional Drift During Walking-In-Place Locomotion

Authors: Niels Christian Nilsson, Stefania Serafin, Rolf Nordahl

Reflectance and Light Source Estimation for Indoor AR Applications

Authors: Alexander Plopski, Tomohiro Mashita, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, and Haruo Takemura

Virtual Speech Anxiety Training – Effects of Simulation Fidelity on User Experience

Authors: Sandra Poeschl, Nicola Doering

Assessing Exertions: How an increased level of immersion unwittingly leads to more natural behavior

Authors: Kevin Ponto, Karen Chen, Ross Tredinnick, and Robert G Radwin

Design and Evaluation of Visual Feedback for Virtual Grasp

Authors: Mores Prachyabrued and Christoph W. Borst

Social Presence in Mixed Agency Interactions

Authors: Andrew Robb, Benjamin Lok

An AR Edutainment System Supporting Bone Anatomy Learning

Authors: Philipp Stefan, Patrick Wucherer, Yuji Oyamada, Meng Ma, Alexander Schoch, Motoko Kanegae, Naoki Shimizu, Tatsuya Kodera, Sebastien Callier, Matthias Weigl, Maki Sugimoto, Pascal Fallavollita, Hideo Saito, and Nassir Navab

MuVR: A Multi-user Virtual Reality Platform

Authors: Jerald Thomas, Raghav Bashyal, Samantha Goldstein, Evan Suma

CAVE Visualization of the IceCube Neutrino Detector

Authors: Ross Tredinnick, James Vanderheiden, Clayton Suplinski, James Madsen

Responsive Audiences - Nonverbal Cues as Reactions to a Speaker's Behavior

Authors: Ana-Despina Tudor, Ilinca Mustatea, Sandra Poeschl, and Nicola Doering

VR Central Venous Access Simulation System for Newborns

Authors: Lizeth Vega-Medina, Byron Perez-Gutierrez, Gerardo Tibamoso, Alvaro Uribe-Quevedo, Norman Jaimes

Modeling Interactions in Continuum Traffic

Authors: Hua Wang, Tianlu Mao, and Zhaoqi Wang

Comparative Study of Input Devices for a VR Mine Simulation

Authors: David Zielinski, Brendan Macdonald, Regis Kopper

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