The following videos have been accepted for publication at IEEE VR 2014, and will appear on the IEEE VR YouTube page.

LunAR Park: Augmented Reality, Retro-futurism & a Ride to the Moon

Authors: Alexander Betts, Brenda A López Silva, Panos Oikonomou

Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia University

CORVETTE: Collaborative Environment for Technical Training and Experiment

Authors: Rozenn Bouville Berthelot, Thomas Lopez, Florian Nouviale, Valérie Gouranton, Bruno Arnaldi

Affiliation: IRISA/INSA de Rennes

Control of Robot Using a Brain Computer Interface

Authors: Pramod Chembrammel, Naveen Kumar Sankaran, Thenkurussi Kesavadas

Affiliation: University at Buffalo

The Effect of an Occluder on Near Field Depth Matching in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality

Authors: Chunya Hua, Kenneth Moser, J. Edward Swan II

Affiliation: Mississippi State University

Panoramic Navigator. A Vision Machine for Expanded Spaces of Representation.

Authors: Volker Kuchelmeister

Affiliation: UNSW University of New South Wales Sydney, College of Fine Arts

CAVE2 Documentary

Authors: Jason Leigh, Andrew Johnson, Luc Renambot, Lance Long, Dan Sandin, Jonas Talandis, Alessandro Febretti, Arthur Nishimoto

Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago

Particle Dreams in Spherical Harmonics

Authors: Dan Sandin, Robert Kooima, Laurie Spiegel, Tom DeFanti

Affiliation: University of Illinois at Chicago, Louisiana State University, Corbin Hill Road Farm, Univ. of California, San Diego

Full Body Interaction in Virtual Reality with Affordable Hardware

Authors: Tuukka M. Takala, Mikael Matveinen

Affiliation: Aalto University

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