Call for Panels

IEEE VR 2016 seeks creative proposals for engaging panels. We are hoping to host three to five panels at IEEE VR 2016, covering academic, industrial and consumer interests in VR. Panels are designed to generate lively discussions incorporating differing points of view around significant, emergent, or controversial topics. Panel sessions should not be structured as a series of individual, stand-alone presentations, but rather should address thought-provoking material that is presented in a lively manner. Panels should not be used to present a commercial product, nor be limited to the views of one individual. The goal should be to involve all panel participants and engage the audience as much as possible. Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for interactive panel sessions. Panel sessions are 90 minutes long and we encourage proposers to plan for your panelists’ presentations/introductory remarks to take less than 30 minutes of that time. We also suggest that your panel have a moderator who is not one of the panelists and who will introduce the panel, serve as session chair, and ask initial question before opening up questions to the group. You do not need to have identified a moderator before submitting your proposal. The Panels Co-Chairs can help you find a moderator if your panel is selected for VR2016. Panel proposals should be submitted electronically and should include:
  • A title for the panel session
  • A brief description of the overall issues to be discussed (500 words or less)
  • The names, contact information, and short (100 words or less) biographies for the organizer and each panelist. Panelists should come from multiple organizations. Panelists from industry can be offered a complimentary one day registration.
Submission Deadline and Procedure The deadline for panel submissions is: Monday, November 23 Notifications will be sent by: Monday, November 30 Panel submissions must be submitted via email to the Panels Chairs at panelschairs2016 [at] For more information, to inquire about a particular panel topic, or to submit a proposal, please contact the Panels Chairs:
  • Kiyoshi Kiyokawa – Osaka University, Japan
  • Robert Lindeman – Worchester Polytechnic Institute, USA
  • Torsten Kuhlen – RWTH Aachen, Germany