Presenter Instructions

  • TVCG and IEEE VR Proceedings papers have a 20 minute presentation slot.
  • Please leave at least 2 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions.
  • Please meet with your session chair and test your presentations in the lunch time and breaks prior to your paper session, and test your presentation computer at the podium AV before your talk.
  • The preferred aspect ratio is 16:9, but the projectors will also support 4:3 but there will be a black border on either side of the presentation. Please use 16:9 aspect ration if possible!
  • The preferred resolution is 720X1280, but the projectors can also take most others.
  • Standard VGA and HDMI/DVI connections will be provided at the podium.  Please bring any adapter you might need to connect your laptops to these standard video connections.
  • Please download all the videos and additional media in your talk on your presentation computer and please also test them on the podium AV in advance. Internet connection at the podium may not be available to stream any media during your talk!
    Update for IEEE VR & TVCG paper presentations: We will need your presentation to be uploaded at the centralized computer desk, in PPT, PDF or KeyNote format, in the presentation room (Ballroom C, D, E) before your talk. Please prepare a self-contained presentation file and make it available for download or put it on a USB stick for transfer. As early as you can, but at the very least during the break before your session, please coordinate with the AV expert on the job and make sure that all of your material plays back as desired.
  • Please contact and find a time to meet with your session chair before the session begins, to let them know that you are presenting.
Presentation Template