[TU-003] Virtual Reality Technology – An Introduction

Instructor: Prof. Grigore (Greg) Burdea, Rutgers University

Length: Half Day (Sunday afternoon)


The tutorial outline is based on the book published by the Instructor, but with updated materials. The topics covered in this tutorial are: 1) Input Devices (Trackers, Navigation, and Gesture Interfaces); 2) Output Devices (Graphics, Three-Dimensional Sound, Haptic and Olfactory Displays);  3) Computing Architectures for VR (graphics and haptics pipelines, Mobile, Game Console, PC and Workstation-based architectures, parallel and distributed systems); 4) Modeling (geometric, kinematics, physical, behavior, model management); 5) VR Programming (Scene graph, Unity 3D, GHOST, PeopleShop, 3DGame Studio); 6) Human Factors in VR (multimodal evaluations, sensorial illusions, cybersickness); and 7) VR Applications (medical, education/entertainment, military, manufacturing, robotics, visualization).

The tutorial in intended for those new to the field of VR/VE, although others may benefit as well.

Instructor’s Bio

Burdea graduated from New York University with a PhD in Robotics. Presently he is Professor of Computer Engineering and Director of the Tele-Rehabilitation Institute at Rutgers University. Burdea is recognized as a pioneer of Virtual Rehabilitation and a world expert on haptics. Burdea authored over 100 scientific publications including the books Virtual Reality Technology and Force and Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality.  He served as General Chair for IEEE VR (2000) and of the International Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation (2002-2006). Burdea is Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering and Senior Member of IEEE, Founder of the International Society of Virtual Rehabilitation, Founder and President of Bright Cloud International Corp, a Rutgers spin-off.