Note: Paper Legend: [T]: Long paper accepted to appear in TVCG; [I]: Regular TVCG paper invited for presentation at VR 2012; [S]: Short paper.

Session 1: Mixed and Augmented Reality

  • [PA-101] (T): Validation of the MR Simulation Approach for Evaluating the Effects of Immersion on Visual Analysis of Volume Data

    Bireswar Laha, Doug A. Bowman, James D. Schiffbauer

  • [PA-102] (T): Applying Mixed Reality to Simulate Vulnerable Populations for Practicing Clinical Communication Skills

    Joon Hao Chuah, Benjamin Lok, Erik Black

  • [PA-103] (T): The Effects of Visual Realism on Search Tasks in Mixed Reality Simulation

    Cha Lee, Gustavo A. Rincon, Greg Meyer, Tobias Höllerer, Doug A. Bowman

  • [PA-104] (S): Dynamic Compact Visualizations for Augmented Reality

    Markus Tatzgern, Denis Kalkofen, Dieter Schmalstieg

  • [PA-105] (S): Mixed Simulators: Augmented Physical Simulators with Virtual Underlays

    Samsun Lampotang, David Lizdas, Didier Rajon, Isaac Luria, Nikolaus Gravenstein, Yashwant Bisht, Wilhelm Schwab, William Friedman, Frank Bova, Albert Robinson III

Session 2: Sound and Graphics

  • [PA-201] (T): Auditory Perception of Geometry-Invariant Material Properties

    Zhimin Ren, Hengchin Yeh, Roberta Klatzky, Ming C. Lin

  • [PA-202] (T): Aural Proxies and Directionally-Varying Reverberation for Interactive Sound Propagation in Virtual Environments

    Lakulish Antani, Dinesh Manocha

  • [PA-203] (T): Reflective and Refractive Objects for Mixed Reality

    Martin Knecht, Christoph Traxler, Christoph Winklhofer, Michael Wimmer

  • [PA-204] (S): Visual Exploration of the Infinite Canvas

    Kaloian Petkov, Charilaos Papadopoulos, Arie E. Kaufman

Session 3: Virtual Humans and Avatars

  • [PA-301] (T): Human Tails: Ownership and Control of Extended Humanoid Avatars

    William Steptoe, Anthony Steed, Mel Slater

  • [PA-302] (T): An Evaluation of Self-Avatar Eye Movement for Virtual Embodiment

    David Borland, Tabitha Peck, Mel Slater

  • [PA-303] (T): Drumming in Immersive Virtual Reality: The Body Shapes the Way We Play

    Konstantina Kilteni, Ilias Bergstrom, Mel Slater

  • [PA-304] (S): The Impact of Enhanced Projector Display on the Responses of People to a Violent Scenario in Immersive Virtual Reality

    Aitor Rovira, David Swapp, Richard Southern, Jian J. Zhang, Mel Slater

  • [PA-305] (S): An advanced interaction framework for augmented reality based exposure treatment

    Sam Corbett-Davies, Andreas Dünser, Richard Green, Adrian Clark

Session 4: Displays

  • [PA-401] (I): Studying the Effects of Stereo, Head Tracking, and Field of Regard on a Small-Scale Spatial Judgment Task

    Eric Ragan, Regis Kopper, Philip Schuchardt, and Doug Bowman

  • [PA-402] (T): Smelling Screen: Development and Evaluation of an Olfactory Display System for Presenting a Virtual Odor Source

    Haruka Matsukura, Tatsuhiro Yoneda, Hiroshi Ishida

  • [PA-403] (T): Immersive Group-to-Group Telepresence

    Stephan Beck, André Kunert, Alexander Kulik, Bernd Froehlich

  • [PA-404] (S): General-Purpose Telepresence with Head-Worn Optical See-Through Displays and Projector-Based Lighting

    Andrew Maimone, Xubo Yang, Nate Dierk, Andrei State, Mingsong Dou, Henry Fuchs

  • [PA-405] (S): A Robust Camera-based Method for Optical Distortion Calibration of Head-Mounted Displays

    Sangyoon Lee, Hong Hua

Session 5: Haptics

  • [PA-501] (I): Visuo-Haptic Mixed Reality with Unobstructed Tool-Hand Integration

    Francesco Cosco, Carlos Garre, Fabio Bruno, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Miguel A. Otaduy

  • [PA-502] (T): Adaptive Space Warping to Enhance Passive Haptics in an Arthroscopy Surgical Simulator

    Jonas Spillmann, Stefan Tuchschmid, Matthias Harders

  • [PA-503] (S): Virtual Alteration of Body Material by Periodic Vibrotactile Feedback

    Yosuke Kurihara, Taku Hachisu, Michi Sato, Shogo Fukushima, Hiroyuki Kajimoto

Session 6: Interaction and Locomotion

  • [PA-601] (T): Comparing Four Approaches to Generalized Redirected Walking: Simulation and Live User Data

    Eric Hodgson, Eric Bachmann

  • [PA-602] (T): Extended Pie Menus for Immersive Virtual Environments

    Sascha Gebhardt, Sebastian Pick, Franziska Leithold, Bernd Hentschel, Torsten Kuhlen

  • [PA-603] (T): Personified and Multistate Camera Motions for First-Person Navigation in Desktop Virtual Reality

    Léo Terziman, Maud Marchal, Franck Multon, Bruno Arnaldi, Anatole Lécuyer

  • [PA-604] (S): Nonuniform and Adaptive Coupling Stiffness for Virtual Grasping

    Christoph W. Borst, Mores Prachyabrued

  • [PA-605] (S): Scalable Maps of Random Dots for Middle-scale Locative Mobile Games

    Lu Chen, Hongbo Fu, Wing Ho Andy Li, Chiew-Lan Tai

Session 7: Supporting Human Senses

  • [PA-701] (T): Leveraging Virtual Humans to Effectively Prepare Learners for Stressful Interpersonal Experiences

    Andrew Robb, Regis Kopper, Ravi Ambani, Farda Qayyum, David Lind, Li-Ming Su, Benjamin Lok

  • [PA-702] (T): Kinematic Evaluation of Virtual Walking Trajectories

    Gabriel Cirio, Maud Marchal, Anne-Hélène Olivier, Julien Pettré

  • [PA-703] (T): Estimating the Gaze of a Virtuality Human

    David J. Roberts, John Rae, Tobias W. Duckworth, Carl M. Moore, Rob Aspin

  • [PA-704] (S): BurnAR: Involuntary Heat Sensations in Augmented Reality

    Peter Weir, Christian Sandor, Matt Swoboda, Thanh Nguyen, Ulrich Eck, Gerhard Reitmayrk, Arindam Dey

  • [PA-705] (S): A General Approach for Closed-Loop Registration in AR

    Feng Zheng, Ryan Schubert, Greg Welch

Session 8: Perception

  • [PA-801] (T): Perceptual Calibration for Immersive Display Environments

    Kevin Ponto, Michael Gleicher, Robert G. Radwin, Hyun Joon Shin

  • [PA-802] (T): Peripheral Stimulation and its Effect on Perceived Spatial Scale in Virtual Environments

    J. Adam Jones, J. Edward Swan II, Mark Bolas

  • [PA-803] (T): Understanding How Adolescents with Autism Respond to Facial Expressions in Virtual Reality Environments

    Esubalew Bekele, Zhi Zheng, Amy Swanson, Julie Crittendon, Zachary Warren, Nilanjan Sarkar

  • [PA-804] (S): Evaluating Usability of Amplified Head Rotations on Base-to-Final Turn for Flight Simulation Training Devices

    Luan Le Ngoc, Roy S. Kalawsky