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 VR + 3DUI + Tutorials and Workshops Registrations (Full Conference)

 Registration Category  
  On/By 18 February 
   After 18 February   
 R01- IEEE Member  US$775  US$950
 R02- Non-Member  US$975  US$1175
 R03- Student IEEE Member  US$365  US$450
 R04- Student Non-Member  US$445  US$545
 VR ONLY Registrations (Monday - Wednesday)

  Registration Category  
 On/By 18 February  
  After 18 February  
 R05- IEEE Member   US$525  US$645
 R06- Non- Member   US$655  US$805
 R07- Student IEEE Member   US$205  US$255
 R08- Student Non-Member   US$255  US$305
 3DUI + Tutorials & Workshops ONLY Registrations (Saturday - Sunday)      

  Registration Category 
 On/By 18 February 
  After 18 February 
 R09- IEEE Member   US$450  US$545
 R10- Non-Member   US$565  US$675
 R11- Student IEEE Member   US$195  US$235
 R12- Student Non-Member   US$240  US$295

 Registration Type      IEEE Member    Non- Member    Student Member    Student Non-Member  
 One Day Conference Only     US$300   US$350  US$150   US$200
 One Day Exhibit Only  
  US$50   US$50   US$25   US$25