2019 IEEE VR Osaka logo

March 23rd - 27th

2019 IEEE VR Osaka logo

March 23rd - 27th

IEEE Computer Society IEEE VRSJ

IEEE Computer Society IEEE VRSJ



Osaka International Convention Center


DELL + Intel Japan
National Science Foundation


Tateishi Science and Technology Foundation

The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation




Huawei Japan
Knowledge Service Network
Mozilla Corporation
Osaka Electro-Communication University
SenseTime Japan

Flower / Misc

GREE, Inc.
Beijing Nokov Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
SoftCube Corporation
Sumitomo Electric Industries


Advanced Realtime Tracking (ART)
China's State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems
Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
DELL + Intel Japan
Fun Life Inc.
Nihon Binary Co., Ltd.
NIST - Public Safety Communications Research
Optitrack Japan, Ltd.
QD Laser, Inc.
Solidray Co.,Ltd.


IEEE Kansai Section

Society for Information Display Japan Chapter

VR Consortium

The Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers

Human Interface Society

The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

The Visualization Society of Japan

Information Processing Society of Japan

The Robotics Society of Japan

Japan Society for Graphic Science

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering

The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

The Society for Art and Science

Japan Ergonomics Society

The Japanese Society of Medical Imaging

Exhibitors and Supporters


IEEE VR 2019: the 26th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces
March 23-27, 2019, Osaka, Japan

Click Here to Register Tentative Program

You must register for the conference to receive a VISA letter. There is a check box in the registration process that will then ask for more information needed for the VISA letter. Please fill this out promptly and our registration administration will as quickly as possible send you a VISA letter. We use a dedicated company to handle a large number of VISA requests, and an administrative fee of 12,000 JPY will be charged to issue each letter, separately from the conference registration. Thank you very much for understanding.

  • NOTE: Extension of Early Bird Registration In efforts to encourage more attendance Early Bird Registration is now extended to March/1/2019.
  • NOTE: UPDATE IN STUDENT PRICE Student rates will now be the same Early Bird and Late/On Site, we encourage more students to attend!

Registration Types

Full Week USB Proceedings. Tutorials & Workshops, Doctoral Consortium. Three Keynote Talks, Papers and Panels sessions, Posters, Exhibition, Videos, Research Demos (Mon-Wed). 3DUI Contest (Mon-Tue). Reception(Mon). Osaka Gourmet Night, Osaka Karaoke Night (Tue).
Weekday Only Main Conference Only: USB Proceedings. Three Keynote Talks, Papers and Panels sessions, Posters, Exhibition, Videos, Research Demos (Mon-Wed). 3DUI Contest (Mon-Tue). Reception(Mon). Osaka Gourmet Night, Osaka Karaoke Night (Tue).
Weekend Only Workshops / Tutorials / Doctoral Consortium Only: USB Proceedings. Tutorials & Workshops, Doctoral Consortium.
Additional Ticket(s) Only Please select this option if you only need additional ticket(s) below without a conference registration. You need to show up at the registration desk of the conference venue to pick up the ticket(s) before the event(s) start.

Registration Fees


Early Bird Rates

Early Bird Rates (on or before Feb/22/2019) (on or before March/1/2019). Full Week (Sat.-Wed.) Weekday Only (Mon.-Wed.) Weekend Only (Sat.-Sun.)
Regular Member 90,000 JPY 60,000 JPY 50,000 JPY
Non-Member 112,500 JPY 75,000 JPY 62,500 JPY
Student Member 63,000 JPY 42,000 JPY 35,000 JPY
Student Non-Member 78,750 JPY 52,500 JPY 43,750 JPY
Life Member 49,500 JPY - -

Late/On Site Rates


Late/On Site Rates (on or before Feb/22/2019) (on of after March/2/2019). Full Week (Sat.-Wed.) Weekday Only (Mon.-Wed.) Weekend Only (Sat.-Sun.)
Regular Member 110,000 JPY 80,000 JPY 60,000 JPY
Non-Member 137,500 JPY 100,000 JPY 75,000 JPY
Student Member 77,000 JPY 63,000 JPY. 56,000 JPY 42,000 JPY. 42,000 JPY 35,000 JPY.
Student Non-Member 92,400 JPY 78,750 JPY. 70,000 JPY 52,500 JPY. 52,500 JPY 43,750 JPY.
Life Member 60,500 JPY - -

Additional Tickets

March 26, Osaka Gourmet Night 2,000 JPY A dinner voucher worth 5000 JPY is included in the Full Week / Weekday Only conference registration. This additional voucher is worth 3000 JPY of food. You can purchase more food by cash at the market.
March 27, VR Zone Osaka Discount Ticket 3,900 JPY No ticket is included in the conference registration. 1day/4 Ticket Set (a discount set including an entry ticket and 4 activity tickets). 11% Discount.
March 27, Kyohritsu Electronic Industry Tour 0 JPY No ticket is included in the conference registration.

The VR ZONE Osaka Tour and Kyohritsu Electronic Industry Tour will be held at the same time.


You can bring your family (spouse, kids, babies, etc.) for free of additional charge to anywhere you are eligible to enter at the conference venue and social events. Please ask the registration desk at the conference and receive a ‘FAMILY’ name tag for each individual. We need to count the number of people at the conference. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy

All refund/cancellation requests must be provided in writing and received by 15 February 2019. There will be an administrative fee of 10,000 JPY deducted from each refund.